SL02 Picos de la Higuera

This route allows us to go from El Boalo to La Pedriza through a less frequented path and to enjoy the exceptional views of the area.

The route follows a circular path just more than 8 km long that can be taken in either direction, though it’s recommended to go anticlockwise since the path is a bit easier in that direction.

Walking through drovers’ roads and paths we will leave El Boalo’s centre behind and will find meadows and both ash and holm oak forests, many of them surrounded by the traditional stone fences. Depending on the season, it may be possible to spot cows and calves grazing inside these farms.

Bit by bit, we will be leaving this flat area and we will start gaining altitude on a soft ascent towards an area where granite rocks will be the highlight of the landscape.

Quite near the Collado de Quebrantaherraduras we can see a complete panoramic view of La Pedriza. On a clear day, you can even spot some of its most well-known cliffs, such as Las Torres (which is the highest one, 2,092 metres in height), El Yelmo (known for its peculiar shape), or El Cancho de los Muertos (which is where many stories and popular legends took place).

The recreational area located by the San Isidro Chapel, equipped with tables, benches, and a water fountain, can be a good place to rest and recharge your batteries after the walk.