El Boalo, Cerceda, and Mataelpino.

May 25 – Africa Day.

Ukumbi comes from Swahili, the most widespread language of Subsaharan Africa, and means forum, a place for dialogue and interaction among people, to speak about MEETING. For this reason, Ukumbi is the name we have chosen for the week dedicated to meeting with AFRICA held at the end of May in El Boalo, Cerceda, and Mataelpino. The African Union Organisation was founded on May 25th, and from that day onward, each year it has been commemorated on a global level as Africa Day.

We want to get closer to and learn more about Africa and its amazing cultural diversity, its music, its gastronomy, its dreams, its fights, its wishes… and make them ours. For that reason, each year we organise a week filled with activities for all ages (percussion, cinema, dance, music in the street, etc.), African cuisine, popular African games, family workshops, a street market of crafts and fabrics, and much more, but more than anything, with a huge desire both to have a good time and to learn.

Let the Djembes sound! Let the Griots speak!

Let the voice of Africa be heard! Let our voice be heard!

Karibuni Ukumbi Africa, welcome to the meeting with Africa!