Trekking recommendations

  1. Be well prepared. Try to wear proper clothes and shoes, and bring water and snacks, just in case. Double-check the path if you don’t know it well and don’t forget to have a look at the weather forecast.
  2. Make yourself unnoticed. Avoid littering and remember that it is not allowed to pick or damage plants, animals, or rocks. Try not to deviate the paths, this way you will avoid damaging the area and you will protect the native plants and animals.
  3. Enjoy the sounds of nature. Noise is also a form of pollution, so try to avoid screaming to not disturb the native animals or other visitors.
  4. Remember that you are in a livestock area. In order to avoid problems and the livestock running away, it is important to properly close all the doors and gates that you go through.
  5. You are in a protected area, you should always follow the rules and signs that you come across.