SL10 Los rasos de Mataelpino

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Los Rasos de Mataelpino route follows a circular path and, in just 4 km, it goes through a huge variety of landscapes and ecosystems: livestock farms and enclosed fields, brushwood, mountainous pastures, and pinnacles of rocks.

As you distance yourself from Mataelpino’s town centre, you will find livestock farms with beautiful ash trees (Fraxinus angustifolia), holm oaks (Querculs ilex)), and junipers (Juniperus oxycedrus), all surrounded by traditional stone fences.

If you look back on your way up, you can enjoy an almost complete view of what we call Fosa de Cerceda.

Once you complete the ascent, it will be easy to identify the area for which this route is named: before you, a vast grazing area with almost no incline that nears the Las Callejas Stream. This being very flat land, the water coming from the hillside of the Sierra de los Porrones accumulates quickly and creates quality herbaceous pastures, ponds, and peat bogs.

The peat bogs, also known as marshes or quagmires, are ecosystems typical in cold, humid areas. They form in areas with a lot of ponds filled with slowly decomposing organic material that forms peat. They are usually recognisable by the spongy texture created over the land (that accumulates water even when it appears to be a dry surface), the appearance of small knolls, and the presence of Sphagnum. They are fragile ecosystems that are quite scarce in our region, reason for which we must conserve them.

During the rainy season, some parts of the trail may be difficult to walk. If that is the case, we recommend an alternative route, also marked on the map, that goes up Pozas Street (la calle de Pozas).